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Speak the universal language.

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A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

JustPoint is a free universal translator built by travelers for travelers. Type the word or concept you want to communicate and we'll provide you with the perfect picture to get your point across.

Then, with the picture in hand, just point!

JustPoint example picture of airplane JustPoint example picture of ocean JustPoint example picture of beer JustPoint example picture of Mc-Donalds's

Explain the unexplainable

Direct word translations can help at times, but there is no way to know that what you said is the same as what the other person understood.

Online translators can lead to serious misunderstandings and undesirable events. They can only translate words, not concepts.


Here's why users love JustPoint:

It's free.

This is the best way we can give back to the traveling community.

100% Offline

You donwload JustPoint once, and you have everything you need.

900+ pictures hand-picked by travelers

All of our pictures have been hand-picked to represent each term in the best way possible.

Try comparing Google Images results for "emergency" or "vegan" with our pics.

Drawing Board

Digital pen and paper.

You can write characters in the local language, draw a word that we haven't added yet, or just use it to have fun.

New in version 1.4.0
March 2020

Added scrolling and zooming