About JustPoint

How we got started

During a trip to China, one of our co-founders found himself struggling to get around, seen as most locals did not speak the least bit of English. Unlike many travelers, he had actually gotten a data plan and had access to the internet, but slow connections and the Chinese firewall prevented the use of tools like Google Translate. As such, he often resorted to Baidu Translate, the app used by the Chinese. However, while the app was sometimes helpful, most times it was actually more confusing. Unable to ensure that the phrases were translated correctly, he found himself having ordered the wrong dish, getting misleading directions and ending up at a hospital instead of an ATM. Yup.

However, as the trip progressed, he found out that he was much better off ditching the translator and using pictures, drawings and mimics to communicate. Instead of hopelessly trying to say "toilet" in various accents, it was much more useful (albeit more embarassing) to mimic the act of peeing. And after having spoken to multiple world travelers, we learned that they all reached a similar conclusion: a picture is, in fact, worth a thousand words.

The problem is: we can't always mimic everything, and searching for pictures online can take long and requires a reliable internet connection (often not available, we'll tell you). Thus, we created JustPoint: an offline universal translator built especially for travelers. The goal with JustPoint was to help us have a smoother experience while traveling, and, ever since our first prototype, we've been actively using it abroad. Now, we have decided to make JustPoint available for everyone, in hopes of helping travelers communicate abroad without having to rely on unreliable things like an internet connection or translation apps.

JustPoint was built with travelers in mind, and, as a result, we ensure that each picture on the app is an accurate representation of what the user wishes to communicate. The app functions entirely offline and our user-friendly UX ensures no time is wasted, so that you can open the app and immediately be able to search for what you need, getting predictions as you type. We also decided to add a drawing board, so you can let your creativity take the lead if your needs are very specific and we don't have a word for it. Essentially, we want JustPoint to be a simple, fast and universal tool for communication, so that you can be sure to get what you need while traveling. And then, you can focus on what matters most: enjoying the journey.