Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need internet to use the app?

No, you only need internet to download it.

What can I use the app for?

When you travel, you may not share a language with another person. Use JustPoint to show images to others and they will understand you.

Is the app free?

Yes, absolutely.

So, how do you guys monetize?

We don’t - we needed an app for ourselves and we built it. Now we decided to make it public and give back to the traveling community in the way we can.

A word is missing. How can I get the word to the app?

Submit it to us and, as long as it is sensible, we will be happy to add it. Head over to Contact Us to find out how you can submit your suggestions.

What kinds of images can I find in the app?

The app was designed to include pictures of everything we think a traveler might need throughout his/her journey. We currently have images for over 900 search terms and are always welcoming suggestions! We will not add images that have nudity, drugs, or anything illegal or insensible in it.