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Join the JustPoint Team!

We'd love to have you join us as a Co-Founder

Initially, JustPoint was supposed to be a fun project by the two of us.

But now, we are getting traction in extremely interesting ways, for us to consider a third member to the team.

Our skills are in business and tech, so a person who would complement these would be a person who would be eager to market and brand our app to the millions of travelers out there.

We work remotely and very flexibly. You would need to take ownership of your work and be proactive. JustPoint would be your app as much as it is ours.

We can not offer any monetary compensation at the moment, but if our app would continue its growth, we are sure everyone involved would be happy with the outcome.

So why join us? If you are in love with traveling and want to help everyone who travels + get some extremely valuable experience and most important of all, have fun doing it- JustPoint is for you.

Contact us in Linkedin or send us mail at contact@dvision.tech and let's talk.