Privacy Policy

Our Commitment to Your Privacy

Currently, the JustPoint app does not handle any personal data. Our app works entirely offline, and there is no way for us to gather any information about you or how you use the app. To provide a better user experience, JustPoint uses storage within your phone to keep track of your recent searches, but the app does not connect to an external server, so there is no way for us to receive this data. We do not ask for any personal information from our users nor do we see, store, handle or distribute any data. As of right now, once you download JustPoint, we cannot track anything you do on the app.

If, for any reason, we were to come into contact with your personal data, such as if you email our support team, we ensure you that this data will only be retained to the extent that we need it to provide the necessary support to you. The data will be handled following standard procedures and will not be shared with anyone else. If we ever request any additional information from you, we'll be sure to inform you about how we intend to use the data and under what conditions. Finally, you always have the right to request to view or delete any of your personal data.

If this happens to change due to updates to our architecture, we will update our users and ensure this policy is up-to-date.