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By travelers, for travelers

JustPoint is not just an app - it's a community of travelers like you and me. And we want to hear your story. Your real story.

Hong Kong's Lantau Peak Road in Kenya Great Wall of China Mount Hua, China

Browsing through social media these days, we see amazing resorts and unrealistic photoshopped pictures. And the truth is: they look beautiful. But those who travel know reality for most of us is a little different: the water is not as blue, the bed is not as soft, and there are bound to be some bumps along the way.

But travelers also know: that's the beauty of it. The challenges we face abroad are what we leave the comfort of our homes for. And so, we have created an Instagram account dedicated to you and me: the average travelers. And we want your pictures and your stories. This is not a place for professional pictures, it's not a place for Photoshop. It's a place where we can share content that applies to us, the people living in the real world.

Our Instagram handle is @underrated.travel and you can submit your pictures to us via DM or by emailing us at contact@dvision.tech. We'll also be launching a blog soon so if you just can't wait, we'll be happy to hear your stories too.